Monday, September 27, 2010

2 Months, too late!!!

It is damn near October and summer decided to show up 2 months late only to slap LA in the face today. Setting downtown record highs at a smoldering 113!!! We are NOT built for this heat! When Southern Cali says we are ready for summer we literally mean like 85 to 90, no higher please… especially us beach cities. Oh and don’t forget that nice breeze Mother Nature! I have officially turned my bathroom into my office, being that it is the coolest room in the house at the moment. My poor pup lays on the rug to my right looking half dead while I have already taken two cold showers and am tempted by a third! Trending topic of the day on facebook is *drumroll pleaseee* this FANtastic weather!!! I am fully aware that the majority of the world experiences this and worse yearly but… we don’t! lol Hence the reason we live here as weather privileged brats. I could really use a pool and a nice cold piña colada right now!!!

Ps. Forgive my rant. Trying to judo chop this flu in the ass with heat like this and no AC can drive one mad

.:Stay Hydrated Luvs:.

Xoxo – Teena T.

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