Friday, October 1, 2010

Bringin Sexy Back Year Round...

I am a huuuggge fan of the t-back! So much so, that I own a few tops and dresses myself!  Fremont is one of the new lines that we have picked up and they definitely have a way with fabric and totally demonstrated that ability with this lovely dress!  This baby is made from the silkiest material and comes fully lined, with a round neck, A-line hem, pockets and my absolute favorite, a sexy yet tasteful t-back! Now here is my favorite part about this piece in particular, because of its neutral color it then becomes a transitional piece, and I am all about items that can be worn whenever you desire without anyone giving you the evil stank eye! haha So here's how I would wear this during the fall season for a more casual look: I would throw on some tights, thigh high boots, a long sleeve figure fitting top underneath, belt it for shape, throw on an eternity scarf with a cute knit beanie and voila! You've got yourself a fall look and can STILL show off the t-back! 



xoxo - Ms. T

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