Monday, February 28, 2011

food for thought.

Humility will take you far in all aspects of life. Embrace your struggles for it took part in molding you. Open yourself to life completely by mastering your thoughts, respecting yourself, and utilizing your talents. Welcome love, loss, pain and happiness with open arms for without them all, we would not know how to appreciate. Never dwell on yesterday’s misfortune, rather learn, grow, and positively move forward. Becoming a victim of circumstance is an invitation to failing yourself of overcoming adversity and developing a new found strength. Share your wisdom with the world but be open to others opinions. Don't lock your demons away for they will slowly eat at your soul. Take time to bond with yourself and figure out who you would like to be, because who you "are" can always be changed. Don't blame genetics, as that is a weak man’s excuse.Realize that the image that you portray is the cover of your book. Take a hand when it is extended, for we are all born to learn from each other. Take the good with the bad and learn to smile cuz it could ALWAYS be worse. Love yourself unconditionally because nobody knows exactly what it’s like to be YOU. Speak when you feel the need to be heard. Don’t criticize others feelings for they are entitled to them. Remember that every action has a reaction so be aware of the things that you do to others. Without risk, you will have no answers. Death is a promise, but life is a privilege.- Teena T.

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