Friday, March 11, 2011

Heart goes out to Japan.

 In the wake of the horrible tragedies that have and are continuing to destroy Japan, Pretty Unused has decided to donate 10% of the proceeds of any sales on the site to the Red Cross Japan Disaster relief fund. I was literally left speech less while watching these horrific videos. The images shown seem devastatingly unreal and truly break my heart to watch. I cannot even fathom what it would feel like to experience an event such as this. Hundreds missing and dead and thousands injured while the numbers steadily rise. Luckily Japan is as prepared as they can be for earthquakes, but we as a human race can never be prepared enough for the surprises mother-nature has in store. Life can change in a moment’s notice, cherish your family, friends and the air that you breathe every minute of everyday! It can all be ripped away from you in a split second. So let’s continue to keep the beautiful brave people of Japan in our warmest thoughts and prayers everyone! <3

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