Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Count your Blessings!

This past Saturday night my cousin Antoinette Garcia lost her home to a fire. She lost EVERYTHING including her small dog Marley:( Thank God no one was home and everyone is safe but she has 4 children ranging from 6-18 and could use ANY donations your hearts may be willing to spare! PLEASE contact me if you'd care to help in any way! We are working together as a family but every little bit helps! They can use anything from Money to school supplies! Imagine having to start over and having 4 kids look to you for support, she is very grateful for all and ANY donations at this time.

Kids shoe size / age / clothing sizes are as follows:

Anthony -- 10.5 (18y/ o) (size men L, pants 34'32)
Margaret -- 8.5 (15y/o) (size (0-3) shirts med)
Giovanni -- 3 (8y/ o) (size 10 and med shirt)
and AJ -- 12 (6y/o) (size 6, shirts sml/med)

May her doggy Marley rest in peace and love and God bless those of you who have or decide to contribute to this tragedy in my fam! xo

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