Friday, October 8, 2010

Chic Perfection

Who does it better than Ms. Bradshaw!? NOT many, but Dior sure did it again with this funky pair that was seen on Carrie on Sex and the City the movie! You CAN'T find these babies anywhere!!! But , Pretty Unused happens to have a pair on the site! The actual heel is indeed as skinny as a pencil standing at approximately 4" high, but the best part is that the net accent keeps your foot secure and the quality of the shoes craftsmanship makes them as comfortable as ever to wear for long periods of time! They are the shoe to be envied for and quite frankly are such a site for sore eyes that I would totally showcase them on a shelf as the piece of art that they are! Let these beauties help you strut your fab self into your next party:)




xoxo - T.Tee

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