Thursday, October 21, 2010


The Gucci bucket hat may have hit popularity some years ago, but it is still seen til this day in some variation of the sort. It is a dual gender item that can be worn leisurely or dressed up depending on the print. PU got their hands on one and it  is what we would like to consider a "Gucci Original". We are selling this baby for $195 and totally negotiable!!! Looks great on men and women! We love seeing this one in particular paired  with a leather jacket, chic t -shirt, dark denim and some kick ass black leather boots and yes, that outfit can be rocked by a man or a woman also;)

A discount shopper is a happy shopper! send us an offer we can't decline!

ps. Don't forget that Arden B. is 50% off this week!


If ya don't know, now ya know... Teena

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