Monday, October 18, 2010

Leap of Faith...

Allow yourself to feel, breathe and just, BE... today, tomorrow and always.  No force within is greater than the voice of your soul. Listen closely, let your actions speak volumes and never fail to see the beauty in all of your “set back’s” that are inevitably preparing you for something bigger than you or I…  a journey within to form a death of past ignorance, eventually proceeded by a parade to your rebirthed eyes and mind which you simply cannot “live” without. Live the life that your destiny keeps whispering in your ear and even when vices lock that whisper in your basement… start to listen with your heart, for it is still there. Merely waiting to be utilized as a tool worthy of knocking down painful years worth of walls built with brick upon brick, upon brick of fear.  Don’t enable negative thoughts to become tenants in your state of being and dictate what you DON’T become. Afterall, the biggest risk ever taken is none taken at all… everyone has a story, what’s yours?


Lovingly, T


  1. love this and so so so needed. you're a great writer st <3

  2. thanks babe! the gift of words birthed by compassion and fed with love... I'm comin into my own and it's lovely;)

    ps. takes one to know one ST<3