Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Brave New Voices

"Will they ever call your death beautiful, your life a sacrifice, a love story to be jealous of, how many deaths will it take, before this, is considered genocide??"  powerful words from 2 young boys just trying to survive the streets of Chicago.

The beauty of spoken word is that one can release their pain in a form of art, create a diary for all to be a part of, share their grief with ears that have most likely heard that same melody all of their lives... inspire another to step forward and set free prisoned words that have kept their souls captive for far too long and find comfort in sharing a therapeutic art among people who if only for that second, feel their passion and pain.

I am blessed to know a couple of talented individuals that participated in this new HBO series called "Brave New Voices", don't miss out! It will be debuting this Sat Oct. 23. Not to mention, it will be hosted by the lovely Common and Ms. Rosario Dawson.  Hope you all can appreciate.

xoxo - T  

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