Wednesday, October 13, 2010

presents for my closet...

So yesterday was shopping day and no matter what my initial intentions are when I go into one store "just to pay off a bill", I always find myself walking out of another with at least one bag! They say bad habits die hard, but what if that "habit" is actually your job as well?? I have the privilege of shopping and dressing others and often times I find goodies for myself.  This time I think I did well, as far as not hurting the pockets too bad! I had lunch with a friend and found these pretty delish cognac brown booties that I am dying to pair up with the perfect outfit. I also have a liking for birds and found a gold plated necklace that appears to be a sparrow and a tree inside a wooden frame.  The silver and gold studded ring is my new go-to ring as it seems to match with just about anything. Then after paying my Macy's bill I walked passed forever 21 and liked their visuals enough to step inside, also because I ran into someone rocking the cutest knuckle ring from there that was 2 birdies sitting on a branch. With my luck, no ring:( However, I did in fact walk out with some grey faux suede booties reminiscent to my fave black Steve Maddens, a long sleeve striped cardigan, beautiful scarf, long rustic gold locket necklace and fun studded leatherette black bow.  All of my fun finds totaled under $200. Not too shabby and within my budget! check them out below:)


from Eden Boutique in the city of Long Beach.

this ring is pretty badass!

My forever21 finds... their quality has improved much over the years...

*** Remember, it's not about how much you spend... rather how well you put it together.

xoxo - Teena T.

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