Monday, November 8, 2010

Flop into Fall...

The wide brimmed floppy hat is not only designed to chicly shield you from the summer sun but can also top off an even chicer outfit in the Fall. I am indeed a fan of hats being the icing on the cake to an already great ensemble. However, there are many that think that this hat in particular is but  a spring/summer piece only to be brought out during the months of March to maybe September, but I will tell you how to make it transition into the next season. One outfit that I would create around this hat would definitely be a pair of black wool high waist shorts, textured tights, booties, a sheer blouse with bold pop colors, a fun blazer with sleeves cuffed up, tons of bangles, leather finger gloves, and a knit eternity scarf. To me the key to keeping warm is mixing different textured materials in all the right places.  I was able to source a picture down below from a fashion show that took place in London that is reminiscent of the look that I just described. You can also pair it as a feminine touch with a woman’s 3 piece pant suit or try the Chanel like approach with a little black dress drizzled in pearls! I have attached a few other photos that I loved  of some great looks to pair with a floppy hat.     



Ms. Teena T.

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