Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Art or an attempt to keep up with the times?

So this short film/music video that Kanye West did has seemed to get some mixed reactions. On you tube alone you can read the comments of people debating and defending this as a form of art, a gorgeous way to tell a story not only through lyrics, but dance and creativity. Most negative comments stemmed from people "not getting it", or rather claiming that Kanye has sold out on his 'true style’ and is trying to be something he's not. I personally appreciate all forms of art, for beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I actually thought that this video was pretty brilliant and obviously addressing his last relationship! It was pure symbolism at its finest, telling you a story without actually telling you the story... in the end it's all perception.  In my eyes, Kanye has always thought outside of the box,  is bizarre, abrasively unfiltered and a flat out disturbed individual... which most creative people are to some extent. It takes a mind that thinks against the grain to come up with innovative concepts that at first are perceived as "weird" or “insane” merely because it is not the norm.  Until at least one person with an open mind and leader qualities says it's cool, then the sheep of the world get the nod of approval and follow the movement, which is typical before anything is “accepted”. As I always say to people who try to sway my opinion, "Different strokes for different folk". All in all, I appreciated this more than I thought I would, especially the ballet scene for the song runaway.  Fluid movement like that should be appreciated by itself anyways. However, you be the judge when you have 34.33 minutes of your time to spare. That's all:)

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  1. Wow!! What a powerful piece. I have mixed emotions after seeing this incredible work of art. The story was so strong and Im sure Kanye was expressing feelings about many different relationships he has had in life-- past, present and hopeful for the future. It is failure for one to put down another's expressed art. I have a strong dislike for those that do. Overall, I feel like Kayne is a genius and many occasions he is way before his time. I was very please with this and hope he continues to create such art forms. He kept me engaged and wondering what was next. Appreciated on many levels!