Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Model on the Rise: Britt Loren

The PU team would like to congratulate Ms. Britt Loren, one of the fresh beautiful faces of our site for staying on her grind and doing big things lately. Britt and I attended High School together so I am very proud of her accomplishments thus far.  Hard work, dedication and determination are a difficult combo to mess with, and as Britt and I spoke about at our last photo shoot, “people will always try to tear you down,  but where we end up in life, is solely up to us”. You can either allow individuals to manipulate and poison your mind, or use the love from within and those supportive around you as fuel to push on. You go girl!  Since pursuing her dreams, Britt in addition to modeling for prettyunused.com has done countless fashion ad campaigns, Ads for brands such as Nike, music videos, photo shoots with well -known photographers such as Kodak Jones, worked the 2010 BET Awards show and more recently accompanied good FRIEND and multi-talented singer/actor Jamie Foxx to the premiere of his new movie Due Date! I had to stress the word friend because I know the real story, Jamie has become a wonderful inspiring mentor to her and what better mogul to learn from! However, people will continue to love to eat up the media’s lies, only to judge and criticize others they know nothing about.  Good thing our girl has a strong backbone!:) Anyway, we are extremely proud of her and look forward to working with this exotic, talented, wise and ambitious young woman again! We wish her many more blessings and success in her future! Bravo Britt!!!


- Ms. Teena T. 

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