Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Virtual Stylist Guru

I just recently started a group on fab sugar called “the Virtual Stylist Guru”! The idea was given to me by a good friend of mine because not only is being a stylist part of my job criteria, but I often tend to style my friends before we go out anywhere, anyways! It’s a natural habit of mine that developed as a little girl coming into my own. I take pleasure in helping others feel better about themselves, and love how it transpires through their eyes, smile, and the extra sassy step in their strut! Hence my favorite saying “you look good, when you wear it well and with confidence!” The purpose of this group is to get free style advice from working stylists in the industry.  All we need for you to provide us with is a brief bio so we can get a better understanding of your lifestyle, because my mission is never to create clones but to help one find a look that’s figure flattering while maintaining a sense of your personality!  Tell us what your style dilemma is, give us a celeb style that you admire if that applies to you, along with a photo of yourself in your current “go-to” outfit or favorite piece that you tend to always style around, and we will help you from there!  Some people struggle with accessorizing or are intimidated by a trend that they would really like to pull off.  Whatever the case, feel free to ask us questions!  Simple as that! If you would like to inquire about a more personal style consultation, message me for more details! Also, if you would like to join the group but aren't a member on fabsugar yet, just take a few minutes to sign up and you're ready to go.. there's really no other catch! Don’t be scurred, we are here to solve your next fashion faux pas!;)


xoxo - T

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