Wednesday, November 24, 2010

PBF (PrettyBlackFriday)

This Friday you should avoid the crowds because we will be doing the negotiating for you!!!  Don’t worry it’s in fact quite a steal! Starting from 12am to 8pm pst. the ENTIRE site will be 50% off!!! YES, we didn’t stutter, FIFTY PERCENT OFF and that’s off of items that are ALREADY discounted! So our advice to you is to peep out the site like NOW, and be the first to get whatever it is that you’ve been eyeing for some time now, because we won’t be doing this again for a looonnnggg time! Remember, we only have ONE of everything, so be the first to place your order! Say thanks to the Holidays and our warm hearts for the heads up! We hope any past hesitation of sending a negotiation proposal is thrown out of the window on PBF! Be sure to enter code: PBF50 at checkout!

Please note that a portion of the proceeds collected on PBF will be used to fund our Toy drive/ Holiday charity mixer this Christmas! As PU is looking forward to being able to put some smiles on children’s faces this year! Help be the change in someone’s life this Holiday season!:)

***No Negotiations will be accepted on PBF as everything is already deeply discounted.

Happy Wednesday and Good luck!!!

xoxo - Teena Tee

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