Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Gift of Giving...

Today was yet another humbling day in my life. Now that the storms have passed, I was able to drop off the toy donations that were collected at the Pretty Unused Toy drive, to the Community's Child women and children’s shelter in Lomita, California. Pulling up to the home that looked just like any other home on the block, I was greeted by a very sweet woman by the name of Dee Dee.  She was so thrilled to see a trunk full of new toys, as they were actually having another night of toy distribution this evening.  She helped me unload my trunk and hand-carry them into the home where the mothers and their children reside until they are able to get their lives together. I was given a tour of the beautiful well -kept home that had every inch and corner child proofed. I was also shown the rooms in which at least 2 families per room occupied and the huge kitchen and living area that had 3 refrigerator’s that also held food for approximately 2 families each. I then met some of the women and children who currently live there and they briefly shared some pretty amazing stories. Some having been homeless and on the streets for 10 years or on the run from an unhealthy living situation. The kids ranged from babies to teens and they all seemed to be like one big happy family. One mother that had recently graduated from the 2 year program was actually visiting as we were informed that once they leave, they still count on the love and support from their new “family”. Dee Dee also shared that the cute garden in the front of the home was graciously donated by Ms. Barbara Streisand! She told us that the day that they received the home that a local church had donated to them, a gardener showed up with a truck full of beautiful rose bushes and plants and said that he was sent by Ms. Streisand, but that she didn’t want any recognition. If only more people partook in helping charities in any way, we could definitely make such a difference in other’s lives.

If anyone is ever interested in donating ANY gently used clothing, toys, appliances etc. please contact me as these shelters are in need ALL year long, not just the Holiday Season. Below are some photos that I was able to take.


Here is the front of the home. It looked very deceiving on the outside as it was huge on the inside...

Trying to carry as much as I could... note bat in boot:)

Dee Dee and myself

Merry Christmas to you all!!!

xoxo - Teena T.


  1. Way to go Teena! How divine! Happy holidays!

  2. Thanks hun! Happy Holidays to you and yours also!:]