Friday, December 31, 2010


Today is the very last day of 2010 and come midnight we welcome a new year, filled with new hope, fresh starts and hopefully another year for growth. Every year, whether it be good or bad, I thank God and my lucky stars that within that year I experienced a new growth within myself. 2010 taught me quite a bit, I experienced more sickness and loss in my family and death spared us no time to grieve in between. However, through those tragedies my family gained courage and strength in our bond, something that was necessary for our love to grow closer together. The year of 10 also brought forth new opportunities, great partnerships, new friendships, new highs and lows, and a step to a different level of maturity due to absorbing and reflecting over the events that transpired.  I shifted my mindset for the benefit of living life and not merely just existing. I have now accepted the fact that everyone handles things in a different manner and I cannot take it to heart if it doesn’t sit well with me, in time things  will settle and what will be, will be. I partook in more charity work than ever and plan to keep it going for as long as I can. All in all, I treated 2010 as well as I knew how, and am beyond grateful for what it taught me about myself. I have this good strange feeling about 11. I know it’s cliché for people to say this, but I typically have no good or bad feeling about New Year’s. 11 on the other hand speaks pivotal change to me. Perhaps this is my eat, pray, love year… my year to truly conquer myself as we all are our own worst enemies. I plan to continue my self- bonding and discover new aspects of the person I am becoming in the process.  Aspire to inspire and hold tight to the positivity that continues to shine its light on me from time to time. I have no New Year’s resolutions as they are life goals that should be updated on a regular basis. 

toast to self, wealth and good health.

The question is, what are you going to do to reflect a better you this time around? Remember, one cannot seek enough knowledge about life and self… you may just have to dig a little deeper. We should ALWAYS be evolving:]

Happy New Year everyone!!!

  Ps. CONGRATS to our December giveaway winner Ms.Chavon Riggins Smith!!!  Hope you enjoy your brand new gold Michael Kors fulton handbag!


  1. Teena I have to say that everything you wrote about in this post is what it's all about! You said, "I shifted my mindset for the benefit of living life and not merely just existing", you are right on. I touched on this in one of my blog post ( I most definitely agree with you about resolutions. We live life everyday to be and become better people through daily devotion. And atop of all that "time (clock)" is mans doing, therefore; we should be living by God's word daily. I have become a renew woman and continue to carry growth and development of my purpose and calling into 2011!!

    NOOOWWWWWWWW this---------->I'm being MK Bagged!!! Woo-Hoo!! Wow, thank you & thank you!! This bag is lovely!! Your so special in how you lend yourself to others with such a giving heart!! Thank you Teena! HAPPY NEW YEAR & much success and growth to you!! You have a dedicated reader!

  2. Aww Chavon thank you soo much for your kind words! I am happy that you could relate! My goal is always to touch peoples lives in some way, shape or form and I thank you for the encouragement and for following up with my blog! Means a lot! Look out for your bag b/c it's coming your way soon!;)