Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Watch Out!

I’ve never been the “watch” wearin type of gal, just never really been my style.  Even if it is a decked out Cartier (I know, don’t judge), watches have just never appealed to me, not only aesthetically but I just really hate having to keep track of time!  However, these La Mer Collections pieces are not your average watches; they have some pizazz to them along with a laid back type of feel.  I am all about jazzin up my wrists with layers of bangles and such and absolutely love pieces that can be dressed up or down and I think this piece is a perfect balance for me. I also enjoy mixing different textures together, the leather, chain, beads and charms make a great masculine meets feminine approach. You may, just may be seeing me rock a “watch” in the near future:]

La Mer Collections - Turquoise Crystal Chain Wrap Watch $165

La Mer Collections - Tourista Watch with Black Strap $96

How do you keep track of time?

- T

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  1. ok i know im a shopaholic but im in love!!! i have to have at least one of these watches. i cant resist the temptation! these watches are so fly. they are so fly they cant be called watches. they must be called watchletts!!! i am a gal that loves watches just for the fashion of them. i never even look at them for time i just like a diamond bezel or two! but these beauties will def be worn more for the jazz effect! ok girl you are gonna have me buying some gold to accent my new watch! smh!