Friday, January 21, 2011

Sephora Goodies

Usually I am extremely good with resisting shopping temptations. I am known as the one that will make you question whether or not you really need that top that kinda resembles that other top you just purchased last month, which may also still have the tags attached. I wasn’t always like this until I grew up and realized the value of a dollar. Crazy, cuz I work in the fashion industry and am surrounded by constant temptation but I do indeed make justifiable purchases and treat myself every once in a while. So, that is one of the reasons why I stressed the negotiation aspect of our website. You can purchase new or gently used Designer goods for a fraction of the cost, and still negotiate the price at that. My kind of shopping ;) 

 Anyway, I fell into Sephora’s trap yet again! They GET me EVERYTIME and may have become worse than Target for me. I go in for one thing, and if I don’t beeline it to that “one thing” and head straight to checkout, I’m in for a basket full of expensive goodies. Last night however was worse because I took one of my best friends along who is also a make-up artist (should’ve known what I was getting into) and naturally she suggested one great thing after another! All things I needed, but way more than I intended to spend and WAY more than the amount on my Christmas giftcard.

I ended up walking out with:
Laura Mercier foundation powder, Makeup forever Mist and fix  to help your makeup settle and their HD concealer for under the eyes, Kat Von D Tattoo concealer which is great for blemishes, The Balm Hot mama blush, Hoola Benefit bronzing powder, Smashbox lip gloss and last but not least, a Sephora blush brush. I will NOT reveal the total but did get a free gift!;)

Happy Friday!!!

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