Thursday, February 3, 2011

Poetic Bliss

Tuesday night a friend of mine extended the invite to attend a much needed night at DPL (Da Poetry Lounge) in LA. He made it out to be a night I would be swept off of my feet and damn near mesmerized by a man by the name of “Buddy Wakefield”. In his words, “if you weren’t there, you were a loser”… so, being the loser that I’m NOT, I went to check out this “Buddy” guy amongst other great poets, but was indeed captivated simply because he fell nothing short of an AH-MAZING writer/poet/performer/overall person. He pulled you in with his exuberant energy and made you feel every breath. His style is his own and he speaks TO you as opposed to AT you (make sense?... it should lol). MY eyes followed the rhythm of his body’s movement as my ears hugged the words that left his mouth. He is definitely an inspiring soul to be around and had energy powerful enough to circulate the room. I’ve attached pics of Buddy along with some of the other poets that have influential voices. Click their names for links to vids.


Buddy Wakefield


Jon Sands


Tatyana Brown


Brook Yung

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