Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Beauty tip of the day

Some of you may have heard about this trick before while others haven’t, but when you are in a hurry and are anything like me and absolutely hate leaving the house with chipped fingernail polish, then here is a fancy lil trick that I was recently introduced to. This should take you approximately 7-10 minutes total and truly works! You can go about painting your nails in the same manner as you have been with a base coat, color and top coat, but say bye-bye to “quick dries” that don’t work quickly enough and hello to a bowl of ice cold water! Yes, I didn’t stutter, all you need is a bowl big enough for both of your hands to dip in with your fingertips completing submerged in the ice cold water (I actually add ice cubes to mine).  You can obviously pull them out to regain sensation in your fingers once it gets too cold to bear, but in order for this to work you should definitely keep them in off and on for at least a few minutes. The cold temperature water helps the polish set and off you go to enjoy your day. 



Hope this helps save time for some of you ladies;)

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  1. Actually my first time hearing of this!! Thanks for the tip! Check out my post about Sally Hansen redo of minx! One other way to overt the wet nail syndrome!!